What's Involved

What's Involved

Over your twelve week programme, you'll deliver weekly tuition and work alongside a team of fellow role models to support and develop pupils at your school.  

The Team Up Programme

If you are successful in your application, you will be placed in either a Primary or Secondary school alongside a group of fellow role models.  After your induction, you’ll be working to raise the achievement of the pupils at your school, and will normally support the same small group of three to four pupils for the entire programme. You’ll be tutoring the pupils in either English or maths on a weekly basis.  

As a tutor on our programme, you will develop skills of communication, leadership and teamwork. Alongside this, you will receive a range of benefits such as the opportunity to gain an accredited Leadership award and a professional mentor.  For more information see 'Why take part'.

The commitment

Each programme is comprised of the following elements:


Induction for the programme has three parts.

Team Up Induction: Firstly, you'll need to attend an Induction Day to be eligible to be placed in one of our schools.  At the Induction Day, you'll learn more about the Team Up programme, learn how to manage your pupils, and be trained on how to use the Team Up curriculum.  

School Placement Induction: You'll need to arrive one hour early on your first day of tuition in order to meet your Programme Manager and get set up at the school. There will also be a 30 minute debrief after the session to learn more about how to track the progress of your pupils over the programme.


You’ll deliver one 60 - 90 minute session per week, over 10 weeks. You'll need to choose the lessons you will teach from our bank of resources and make sure you are ready to deliver on the day.  Before and after each session, you’ll have a short briefing from your Programme Manager and training to support your development.

Final session

At the end of the tuition programme your pupils will sit another assessment in order to assess the progress they have made.  You will receive the results of this assessment and you'll need to write a report for each of your pupils detailing how they have done. You'll deliver this feedback to the pupils during the last week of your 14-week programme.

Doing more than one programme

‘A programme’ refers to one term of tuition. There are three programmes per academic year and many of our tutors stay on to complete two or three programmes. Doing more than one programme is a great way to increase the impact you make - you'll get better in your role and build deeper relationships with your pupils.  It's also a great way to further your development and recognition.  For more information, see the 'Why take part'.  

The timeline