The Support We Offer

The Support We Offer

As a tutor you will receive significant support by having a designated Programme Manager at your school each week. You will be provided with initial and ongoing training as well as all the resources you will need to tutor the pupils.

Dedicated coaching and support for your development

You’ll have a Programme Manager on-site each week at your sessions who will be able to help you. They’ll offer feedback on your performance and help you focus on the areas of development important to you, whether that is your leadership, teaching, or teamwork skills.


All tutors will attend our Induction day before the programme starts. Whilst on the programme, your Programme Manager will provide additional training tailored to your needs. You will also be able to share best practice with the other tutors at your school in the short debriefs after your sessions.

Outstanding and complete teaching resources

We provide you with all the resources you need to create a tailored curriculum plan for all of the pupils you work with, including outstanding lesson plans and resources for all of the lessons you will teach. There will be no need for hours of searching online for resources - designed, tried, and tested by some of the UK’s best teachers, you will be able to really make a difference with our materials.