The Experience

The Experience

Through partnerships with schools across London and some of the UK’s leading employers, our programme opens doors and helps you make a difference.

Team Up offers a unique leadership programme that trains exceptional volunteer tutors to:

  • Learn: leadership and teaching skills
  • Apply: tutoring children from low income backgrounds
  • Develop: using our networks to strengthen your own employment prospects

Team Up started as a student movement, but volunteer tutors come from a range of backgrounds and include graduates, professionals and retirees.



Through our programme, role models can:

Tackle one of the systemic and persistent social problems in the UK

You’ll be helping young people from low income backgrounds do better at school, increasing their chances of getting into university, and helping to create a society based on merit, not on family income.  Over 80% of our pupils are at risk of not getting a good pass at GCSE - you can be the difference in their academic experience.

I have particularly enjoyed the tangible impact I have had on my students' academics. I was told at the last presentation that one of my students had improved from a D to a B grade whilst on the programme which was fantastic to hear. Getting to know the students has also been a pleasure, and watching them become more confident in the way they articulate their views was very satisfying as well.”

Callum MacCauley, Team Up tutor, 2014

Develop and demonstrate leadership competencies

You’ll be taking part in our accredited programme to show you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd.  This is your chance to gain real life work experience that evidences your ability to work in a team, to communicate with others and to produce results.  Do what it takes to support your pupils, and you’ll leave with a reference from Team Up, a leadership qualification, and the real life work experience to evidence that you can cut it in a professional environment or make it at the university of your choice.

Take the next step to securing the future 

Through our unique mentoring programme, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a mentor from the world of business who has been there, done it, and can provide you with the advice that you need to make the next step. Our mentors can help you to think about what's next for you, tell you about what graduate jobs are really like and guide you through the application process. 

If you are a sixth former hoping to get into university, you can take advantage of working alongside university students to get advice and coaching on how to make sure you get your place.

After tutoring with Team Up, I feel that I am better equipped to deal with the challenges that may come my way during the university application process 

Che Applewhite, Team Up tutor 2016