Mentoring Opportunity

Mentoring Opportunity

As a Team Up tutor, you are entitled to a place on our 12 month mentoring programme, which will help you to make progress in your desired career path.

The problem

We know that many of our tutors - sixth formers, university students and professionals - wish to enter or make progress in the career path of their choice. However, it is difficult nowadays in the competitive economic climate for individuals, including our tutors, to get hold of the very best information, contacts or advice available to help them to achieve their personal career goals. It can be particularly difficult to get this advice directly from those who are already in the career path, even though they have the most valuable wisdom to share on how to succeed in applying and progressing within a career.

The solution

At Team Up, we value our tutors, so this is why we have created the Team Up mentoring programme to allow our tutors to receive personalised career advice from a mentor. Our mentors are also volunteers who wish to use their personal career experience to benefit our tutors. Your mentor can help you in a way that suits you, be it to set career goals, improve your UCAS or job application forms or practice your interview technique.

How does it work?


Are you a current TUTOR on our tuition programme who would like a mentor? Sign up here and you will be guaranteed a mentor!

Are you a PROFESSIONAL who would like to volunteer as a MENTOR? Apply here to mentor a Team Up tutor.

STEP 2: MATCH: Mid term

As a tutor, if you sign up, then you will be guaranteed to be matched with a mentor. Where possible, this mentor will be from the same career sector that you wish to enter or progress within.

As a mentor applicant, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to match you with a mentee (tutor), but we will aim to do so.

All of our mentors will be trained in coaching techniques, so they will be able to provide help to their mentees even if they are from a different career sector.

STEP 3: MENTORING: end of term

Each mentor and mentee will have 4 one hour long mentoring sessions over the course of six months (so approximately once every six weeks). These can be either in person, via Skype or over the phone, allowing for flexibility according to the schedules and preferences of both the mentor and mentee.

There is a launch event at the start of each programme. The next mentoring programme will launch towards the end of the current academic term. At the launch event, mentors receive training and a handbook that provides them with all of the information that they will need to know how to structure and deliver their mentoring sessions. The mentors and mentees then have their first mentoring session at the launch event.

If you have any questions or would like any more information regarding the mentoring programme, then please email our Mentoring Coordinator at