What We're Looking For

What We're Looking For

We're looking for tutors who have what it takes to make a difference to our pupils.  Here's what we’ll be looking for you to demonstrate to become a Team Up tutor.

Entry requirements

Strong academic grades (As and Bs), or equivalent qualification(s), in a subject relevant to the one a candidate would like to tutor in.

Please note: There is flexibility on this as an entry requirement, provided a candidate can demonstrate the below criteria and a strong aptitude for their chosen subject.

Motivation and Values

Displays passion for: social mobility, making a difference, helping others.

Indicates fit with TU values:

  • 1. Being excellent
  • 2. Building good relationships
  • 3. Loves to learn


  • Resilience: the ability to persevere when challenged
  • Commitment: integrity in honouring your commitments
  • Humility: openness to learning and easy to relate to
  • Inspirational: the ability to inspire others


  • Communication: the ability to present and articulate concepts and instructions with clarity, and deliver material in an engaging way that is appropriate for the audience
  • Self awareness: the ability to reflect on your performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Excellent organisation: punctuality, good planning and the ability to arrange time effectively 
  • Leadership: the ability to guide and motivate others