Our volunteer heroes

Our volunteer heroes

Meet the tutors who went the extra mile! 

We'd like to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to Team Up's mission. Our tutors come from all walks of life, and bring so many valuable skills and experiences to the Team Up programme. Some of our tutors, however, go above and beyond in their commitment. We would like to take this chance to thank them specially.

The following tutors have giving up a considerable amount of their time to work and engage with our pupils.

Abi Morgan - Abi is a parent volunteer who has been tutoring at Christ’s School in Richmond since 2021. She has shown amazing dedication. She is extremely warm and encouraging with her students and they always make great progress! She is helpful and supportive of her fellow tutors! 

Valerie Dabney - Valerie came to us through Team London at the beginning of this academic year. Since starting in Autumn 2022, she is now volunteering with multiple programmes across the Summer term.  She works fantastically with her students, adapting her sessions to their needs and creating additional resources to encourage the students to reinforce their skills. She is a very positive member of the team and uses her skills to support everyone each session.

Jerry Sheung - Jerry came to us from an LSE Volunteering Fair early in 2022. He has since volunteered for multiple terms with our KS2 West London Zone programmes and has shown amazing patience and flexibility, making great relationships with very challenging pupils. His kind and gentle approach has allowed his pupils to grow in confidence and succeed. 

Rashid Shehzad - Rashid joined us from a sixth form presentation at Ilford County High School in November 2022. Alongside his sixth form studies, he has volunteered on multiple programmes with Team Up in both Maths and English and has developed his confidence with each programme that he has been on. He has developed really strong bonds with the young people he has worked with and created consistency for them by volunteering for two programmes in a row on the SYLA programme, as well as two consistent programmes at St Angela’s Ursuline School.  


Special Commendations for Outstanding Returning Tutors

Sadiya Hadadi - Sadiya joined Team Up as a volunteer tutor in 2018 bringing with her a wealth of teaching experience and enthusiasm. Since joining Team Up, she has become a trusted tutor and has supported on over 75 programmes in 5 years! As well as being an approachable and knowledgeable tutor and colleague, Sadiya continuously shares valuable insights and learnings that ensure Team Up’s volunteer experience remains positive and purposeful.

Charles Merullo- Charles joined Team Up in early 2019 alongside an incredible career in journalism and publishing. He has since volunteered with us on 14 programmes so far. Charles is always such an enthusiastic, passionate, and engaging tutor who encourages his pupils. There are always lots of smiles from his group! He really brings English to life leading to many students wanting to continue their tutoring journey with him!

Alan Parry - Alan joined us as a retiree in Spring 2021 having been a teacher and scout leader. Since starting with us, Alan has been a joy to work with, offering his insights and experience not only to the young people he is tutoring, but also to the young tutors who are starting their teaching journey. Alan not only volunteers his time to the young people at Team Up, but also to young people on the River Boat Project teaching science.


Special Commendations for Outstanding New Tutors: 

Samantha Jones - Samantha recently joined us in Summer 2023 and is really passionate about tutoring. As a new tutor, she is great at managing her volunteering alongside her sixth form studies. She is wonderful at inspiring her pupils to try their best!

Hummu Marfo - Hummu is an excellent volunteer who joined us in Summer 2023 from a KCL volunteering opportunity. She is extremely reflective and always looking for ways to improve her tutoring. She is supportive and warm with her students, and adapts her tutoring to their needs.

Konrad Blyina - Konrad started with us tutoring KS2 pupils in Spring 23. He has now volunteered for two terms and shown incredible patience, energy and positivity. He has adapted his tutoring to his pupils’ needs, and responded to how they learn. 

Many thanks and congratulations to all our wonderful tutors. See you next year!