What the programme looks like

What the programme looks like

Our programme is designed to provide catch-up support for pupils who are falling behind

What format does the Team Up catch-up support take?

  • Small group tuition

  • Online or face-to-face

  • 1-1.5 hours x 1 session a week x 12 weeks

  • 20-30 pupils per programme

  • Single-term or multi-term programmes

  • Delivered by trained volunteer tutors

  • Supported by a Team Up Programme Manager who is a qualified teacher


How do Team Up target teaching to help pupils catch up?

  • Deliver core subjects of English and maths

  • Create a tailored scheme of work for each pupil, using:

    • Formative baseline tests to identify strengths and weaknesses

    • Input from school teachers


Which pupils do Team Up support?

  • Primary and secondary school pupils (KS2, KS3 and KS4, years 5 to 11)

  • Disadvantaged pupils (pupils from low income backgrounds)

  • Pupils whose targets are Expected Standard (SATs) or Grade 4/5 (GCSE) but who are at risk of underachieving