How we make programmes easy to run

How we make programmes easy to run

Our programme model allows schools to easily adopt the programme

  • Team Up’s Programme Manager role supports schools in full - one of Team Up’s Programme Managers, all of whom are experienced and qualified teachers, will be assigned to your school to take care of the successful delivery of the programme from start to finish

  • School Coordinator role - we ask a member of school staff to take on the role of School Coordinator and act as the main point of contact for Team Up within the school; we ask the School Coordinator to support with programme setup, pupil attendance and engagement where needed, and to be accessible during sessions as needed

  • Team Up carry out tutor recruitment - we recruit, interview, and DBS check tutors; our volunteer tutors are university students, professionals/retirees, and high-performing sixth formers

  • Team Up make programme setup straight-forward - we provide all the resources needed for a smooth setup, including guidance on how to select pupils, parent consent letter templates and guidance on how to set up technology such as school computers, if running an online programme

  • Team up manage the tuition sessions - the Team Up Programme Manager provides ongoing support for pupils and tutors (teaching and learning, attendance, engagement) and ongoing logistical session management