How we ensure quality and evidence impact

How we ensure quality and evidence impact

We can demonstrate that our programme works and is an effective use of pupil premium funding

Despite starting the programme significantly behind age-related expectations, our pupils make on average double expected progress per term.

Our termly programmes are priced for schools at £200 per pupil.

How do Team Up ensure good quality?

  • Evidence-based programme model - 12 hours of tuition is shown to be the minimum required for tuition to make a meaningful impact on pupil progress, and our programmes offer between 12 and 15 hours of tuition per term

  • Trained tutors - extensive induction training, shared learning groups after every tuition session, and individual observations and coaching with a trained teacher

  • Structured curriculum resources - Team Up provides pupil resources and tutor lesson plans, which include structured recaps, explanations, modelling, answers and bi-weekly topic tests through which pupils receive more formal feedback and make improvements

  • Live session monitoring and intervention - Team Up’s Programme Managers support tutors and pupils during sessions with tutor teaching and pupil engagement 

  • Survey feedback - Team Up survey pupils, tutors and school staff at the mid- and/or end-point of programmes and act on feedback immediately

How do Team Up measure and report impact to schools?

  • Using assessment - analysing and comparing results from start-of term baseline tests, bi-weekly topic tests during term, and end-of-term progress tests

  • Reporting weekly - tutors provide reports on pupil engagement, topic test attainment and pupil strengths and weaknesses, and in addition we provide attendance data and logistical updates

  • Reporting at half term and the end of term - formal school impact reports detailing and explaining pupil progress, attendance, engagement, survey feedback, focus pupils and suggested next actions for programme improvement