Online model

Online model

We began delivering our first ever online tutoring sessions in May 2020, partly in response to the Covid-19 crisis and school closures. We've been really pleased with the success of our online programmes so far. The online model replicates many features of our normal model but with some important adaptations.

Our online programme is delivered by tutors online using the Vedamo online tutoring platform which automatically records all sessions for safeguarding purposes, has interactive features such as a whiteboard and allows pupils to receive live small-group teaching, support and feedback. We have also delivered a small number of sessions using Microsoft Teams.

Tutors upload our usual Team Up lesson materials to Vedamo for use during the session. Baseline testing, progress testing, tutor feedback and reporting are carried out as normal, just online.

Sessions last one hour per week which we believe is the most reasonable for an online session (though we are happy to extend in discussion with schools). We are working with a maximum of two pupils per group and all sessions are monitored online by a Team Up Programme Manager

This approach can be delivered online to pupils at home or remotely with pupils in school.

The Programme Manager will continue to provide support remotely to pupils and tutors during sessions, and will continue to observe and train tutors, monitor pupil attendance and engagement, report on progress and provide logistical support. 

If Programme Managers cannot attend schools due to social distancing requirements, a member of school staff is required to supervise sessions in school. We aren’t currently constrained by a post-school time slot and are running sessions throughout the day depending on the range of times that best suit each school.