What we do

What we do

The Team Up Programme


We work in primary and secondary schools across London, providing small-group tuition to pupils from low income backgrounds that is effective, affordable and delivered by inspiring tutors.  


Our volunteer tutors work with pupils in groups of 1:3 to deliver high quality tuition to help increase their academic results and raise their aspirations.


Our general programme set up and delivery is summarised below.




As our mission outlines, we generally work with disadvantaged pupils. A large proportion are considered eligable for and in reciept of pupil premium funding. In addition to this, a significant share of pupils are underperforming or significantly underperforming. This means those pupils are currently unlikely to achieve a passing grade in their GCSE examinations for English and Maths.


Upon completion of our tuition programmes, pupils make significant positive progress towards achieving their target grades and obtaining a "good" pass in their GCSE examinations. Over half of the pupils we work with go on to make double their expected progress.


What do the pupils say?

At the midway and end points of a tution programme we collect feedback from all those involved, including the pupils.

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