Interning with Team Up: Cynthia's story

Interning with Team Up: Cynthia's story

Read about Cynthia's experience working at the Team Up Hub!

Posted by Cynthia Obeya on 14 August 2015

My first experience with Team Up was after they gave a presentation at my university. Charities and third sector organisations have always been close to my heart so after hearing about Team Up’s amazing mission, I was prompted to do more research and apply as soon as I could. I have now been working at the office on a marketing internship and so far am in my 10th week. 

The insight and experience I have gained from working with Team Up I know will prove extremely useful to me in my future career. For example in only my first weeks, I was entrusted with interviewing potential tutors and subconsciously picked up valuable interview skills that will be super beneficial in interviews yet to come as I now know for the most part what to expect.

Going to schools to teach when a tutor dropped out proved to be of such value in disguise. I hadn’t ever tutored previously and was a bit unprepared and sceptical, but had an open mind. I saw first-hand the importance of the work Team Up was doing and the scale it reached. I felt so passionate about it that I decided after doing some research that I was going to follow up on tutoring after my marketing internship. Had I never been exposed to the opportunity, I would not have known that I had such an interest in it and I have Team Up to thank for helping me get out of my comfort zone. 

My experience at Team Up has been so educational and has been made so much better by the simply amazing staff at the office, who were always willing to teach and help, and welcomed me with opened arms into their little family. Looking forward to the weeks ahead!

If you are interested in interning with Team Up, please email to find out more.