Tutor's Story - Isabella T-C

Tutor's Story - Isabella T-C

Isabella joined us as a final year Biomedical Engineering student on the Integrated Masters programme at King’s College London. She aims to step into a career within Clinical Engineering, where she can use the skills she has developed throughout her degree in a patient-facing role.

Posted by Sophie Kitson on 30 November 2021

We asked her to share more about her experience tutoring with Team Up:

“As I grew up in a low-income household, I am aware of the difficulties in finding high quality and affordable tuition… I want to give back to the community and help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to excel in their studies (which Team Up have given me the opportunity to do!).”

Every student I have worked with has been so bright, hard-working and enthusiastic in almost every session! I believe the sessions have definitely helped the students to not only consolidate their learning, but also to identify the small areas they struggle with that could cost them several marks in an exam. I think small group tuition is very beneficial for this as not all students feel confident asking questions or volunteering to answer problems in front of the teacher during in-school lessons.

“I’ve really enjoyed learning from the students myself! Sometimes I make silly mistakes which they point out and then correct for me. I am also inspired by their out-of-the-box thinking and creative questions.”

I really appreciate all the resources available to us tutors in order to deliver effective lessons! I especially love the debriefs with my Programme Manager Aysha, where I am supported to learn how to become a better tutor. Some topics we have covered during our debriefs include metacognition, lesson preparation, and general teaching skills which have come very handy during my sessions.

“It’s really inspiring to see how Team Up have adapted to an online environment during this unsettling time in order to continue to support students.” 

“Learning on the job” and “practice makes perfect'' are sayings which I believe have definitely applied to me during my time at Team Up! Each lesson has been an opportunity for me to improve not only as a tutor but also as an individual. The weekly debriefs, termly SSAT Leadership Award tasks and continually talking with the students have allowed me to develop my communication skills, resilience, self-motivation, time-management and many other important transferable skills.

If you have a passion for motivating, inspiring and helping young people to reach their full academic potential whilst also working on your own personal development, I’d definitely recommend Team Up!

On behalf of the Team Up team and pupils, we say: Thank you Isabella!