Team Up Success! Another record-breaking year for pupil progress

Team Up Success! Another record-breaking year for pupil progress

Team Up accelerates with our mission by achieving fantastic pupil sucess stories 

Catherine Miller, Programme DirectorPosted by Catherine Miller, Programme Director Team on 23 August 2018


2018 marked another record-breaking year for Team Up. We delivered 8,226 hours of tuition to 1,106 young people with a skilled volunteering team of 315 tutors. The average grade increase per programme was 0.7 and this rose to 1.5 for pupils completing two terms, a transformational improvement.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers, schools and pupils for making 2018 our most successful year to date.  

Superstar Sarah

15-year old Year 10 pupil Sarah is now flourishing in Maths. Sarah who lives with in foster care, by her own admission, had no confidence in her tuition subject maths and had little faith that Team Up’s tuition programme would help. Sarah’s dream career is to become a Games Designer and GCSE maths is crucial. Throughout the programme Sarah’s confidence and grades started improving, largely thanks to the dedication of her Tutor and bonding over their shared love of cooking! Sarah will be continuing with the Team Up tuition programme as she joins year 11 in the Autumn term. Sarah’s next goal is to become the first woman in her family to go to college. With her continued enthusiasm and effort, we are confident Sarah will realise her potential. (Sarah is a pseudonym to protect the anonymity of the pupil). 

What do our pupils say?  

“Learning is key and you’ve got to enjoy it. My favourite subject is Mathematics. I did not like it at first but I think I have gained more confidence in my maths equations.”

“It has helped expand my English skills and my vocabulary. My tutor helps when we are stuck and gives us time to discuss and share ideas.”

“I am learning a lot more and improving in mathematics. Also, it is very fun and interactive.”