Kim's Story

Kim's Story
Posted by Nicole Kairinos on 1 December 2022

I have been with Team Up for at least 5 years now. I have enjoyed the spirit of pupils wanting to learn and I have found that this motivates me to learn with them. I am a strong believer in raising pupils' academic attainment from a young age to assist their education achievement, and this is exactly what Team Up does. 

Being a cover tutor allows me to share skills and knowledge to pupils across different schools whilst also building their confidence and understanding. The passion of all Team Up staff members who are caring and understanding towards their colleagues and pupils alike is what encourages me to come back and volunteer each year. Team Up builds pupil’s confidence, allowing each student to challenge themselves to their best effort.

Both primary and secondary pupils are well-behaved as they are equally engaging learners. They participate throughout the sessions by showcasing their learning and challenging each other to resolve issues. When pupils are engaging and keen to participate, I am encouraged to learn with them. Each student has a different approach to learning and different thought processes, so I never stop learning from them.

The only challenge that I have faced as a cover tutor is that some pupils struggle with change, so gaining their trust in the beginning of the session is important. Outspoken individuals might even challenge my teaching methods. However, these challenges easily fade away by listening to them and letting them voice their doubts. 

I would encourage anyone to sign up as a tutor at Team Up. Personally, I would advise that new volunteers become full time tutors before signing up as cover tutors, so they can familiarise themselves with Team Up training and have more confidence to jump around between groups. My advice to new tutors would be to have patience, respect and encouragement towards your pupils. Show them that mistakes are normal during the learning process and praise them for correcting their mistakes. 

Volunteering with Team Up over the past 5 years has kept me active, mentally and physically healthy and happy.  

On behalf of the Team Up team and pupils, we say: Thank you Kim!