Increasing our Impact in 2018-19

Increasing our Impact in 2018-19

Over the past three years we have refined our operating model and increased our impact on pupil performance from 0.6 levels of progress to 0.8. This is a significant improvement and well above the expected progress of 0.3

Posted by David Walker on 26 November 2019

The 2018-19 academic year in numbers: 

  • Over 15,000 hours of tuition delivered
  • Helped 1,324 pupils
  • A team of 271 volunteer tutors
  • 31 schools in London and the South East 


Pupils made twice the expected rate of progress in a term. On average, pupils made 0.8 grades of progress over one term (the expected rate is 0.3 grades of progress per term, or one grade of progress in a year). This increased to 1.1 grades of progress for pupils who took part in two terms on a Team Up programme. 

Our Impact in 2018-19 

Pupil performance before to Team Up tuition: 

• 39% of our pupils were classed as ‘significantly underperforming’ - more than one grade below where they need to be to achieve a good grade at GCSE. 

• 20% of our pupils were ‘underperforming’ - between 0 and 1 grades below their target 

• The remaining students were predominantly disadvantaged and had the capacity to make more progress. 

• 65% of Team Up pupils are in receipt of Pupil Premium and many more exhibit indicators of disadvantage such as English as a second language and high mobility. 

Pupil performance after Team Up tuition: 

• 66% of all those who were underperforming at the start achieved their target threshold grade at the end of the programme. This means these pupils caught up with their peers and reached age related expectations, putting them on track to achieve their target grade, and a good pass at GCSE (grade 5). 

• 70% of all pupils made the expected level of progress for their demographic, which is 0.3 grades over one school term. Considering that most of the pupils we work with have stagnated progress rates, this is a fantastic result. 

• 53% of pupils participating on a Team Up programme made at least double the expected rate of progress for their demographic. 

We are delighted with our impact in 2018-19 but we know we currently reach only reach a fraction of the many thousands of less affluent pupils who really need support to achieve their grades.