Tutoring as Youth Social Action

Tutoring as Youth Social Action

Structured volunteering such as #tutoring with Team Up can help others and improve confidence and increase experiences of work. 

Posted by David Walker on 28 February 2020

Recently there has been renewed interest in the importance of young people gaining meaningful experience of workplaces and fulfilling Gatsby Benchmark 6 through Youth Social Action. The Careers and Enterprise Company have recently published a toolkit to help schools to achieve this:


Team Up agree that volunteering can help grow young people's skills and confidence. We run a ten week enrichment programme specifically designed for sixth form students to increase their skills and experience and help their communities.

Through our programme, Year 12 or 13 students deliver a weekly tuition session to pupils at a partnered school, working to increase the academic attainment and aspirations of the children. Alongside this voluntary work the sixth form students receive:

- a career mentor from an industry of their choice

- a UCAS and career application workshop

- a productivity and independent study workshop

- interview feedback 

- a personal reference for university and employment applications 

- access to exclusive seminars 

- logged volunteering hours that allow students to meet Gatsby benchmark 6 - work experience.

We believe that sixth form students make excellent, relatable role models and the schools we work with agree, with school pupils working with our sixth form students making four times the nationally expected level of progress.

For more information please see our latest presentation or email school-partnerships@teamup.org.uk