Team Up Publishes Impact Report - more than ever what we do matters

Team Up Publishes Impact Report - more than ever what we do matters
Posted by David Walker on 17 February 2021

We are proud to publish our Impact Report for 2019-20

In 2019-20, we worked with 27 secondary schools, 7 primary schools and 1 youth charity in London and the South East.  We delivered almost 13,000 hours of tuition to 1,310 pupils with a team of 344 volunteer tutors. 

We delivered 65 programmes across 31 schools. 

On average, the pupils we worked with were over a year (14 months) behind when they began the programme. 61% of our pupils were in receipt of pupil premium, indicating that they are among the most disadvantaged, and many more exhibit indicators of disadvantage such as English as a second language and high mobility.

For the second year running, Our whole cohort of pupils made an average of 0.8 grades of progress per term. The average number of months of progress made per pupil was 10 months

This progress was consistent across all types of tutors: sixth formers, university students, adults and professional/corporate volunteers.    

A weight of evidence demonstrates that poor academic achievement can lead to long-term poverty, deprivation and low-waged employment. This has been thrown into even sharper relief this year as disadvantaged pupils have been the most impacted by Covid-19. 

It is estimated that all the progress to narrow the attainment gap in the last decade has been lost, as a result. This requires a national effort to address it and Team Up is playing its part.

Our work to deliver online programmes as well as face-to-face tutoring is helping Team Up to emerge stronger to support these pupils, who risk falling even further behind because of this crisis.

But we know we only reach a fraction of those who really need support.

As a member of the Fair Education Alliance, we have been active in advocating more support for disadvantaged pupils, particularly through access to tutoring. We will continue to use our experience to innovate, influence and grow to help more pupils reach their potential.

We would like to thank our donors and partners as well as our dedicated volunteers, without whose support we could not do what we do.

Now, more than ever, the work we do matters, makes a difference and changes lives.