Team Up launches pilot with the Southside Young Leaders Academy

Team Up launches pilot with the Southside Young Leaders Academy

Team Up begins an exciting new community based partnership with Southside Young Leaders Academy (SYLA) this term.


Posted by David Walker on 26 February 2019


SYLA are a youth leadership charity based in Camberwell, South East London and they work with boys aged 8 and over living in Southwark and Lambeth. Their mission is to motivate each boy to achieve his own leadership potential, to build each child's life and social skills, and to support every child to appreciate the importance of learning and achieve the highest academic standards at school.

In order to support the boys to achieve their academic potential, Team Up has partnered with SYLA and is offering a programme of English tuition this term. We are currently working with 30 boys ranging from ages 8 to 16, covering the Key Stage 2 reading curriculum and the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 writing curriculum. We start our sessions with homework support, where the boys bring in their school homework and complete it in a focused environment, receiving support and advice from their tutor. We then work on an area of the English curriculum, focusing particularly on developing the boys analytical skills and confidence in expressing themselves through creative writing.

This is the first time Team Up has run a community based programme and we are excited to see the final results.