Super Spring

Super Spring

Team Up had a fantastic Spring 2019 programme: 26 delivery partners, 571 pupils and 211 volunteers! Read on to find out more about our impact...

Posted by David Walker on 8 May 2019

We'd love to say a big thank you to everyone who worked with us over the Spring term. It was a busy one, with our Programme Managers juggling a full timetable of school visits and our Tutor Recruitment team going the extra mile to find a dedicated team of over 200 volunteers to make our programmes a success. We welcomed several new delivery partners, including Southside Young Leaders' Academy, our first community programme, and two schools in conjunction with Goldsmiths University, Addey and Stanhope and Deptford Green. We also ran a highly successful 'match-up' sixth form partnership programme, with Year 12 and 13 students from Newstead Wood School visiting nearby Kemnal Technology College to impart the wisdom of their recent exam success. Of course, many of our programmes were focused on exam preparation as the education world shifts into gear for SATs and GCSEs. 

Even with a packed schedule, we still managed to make a fantastic impact on our pupils:

  • Our average grade improvement over the term was 0.8 grades - maintaining last term's average. This is more than twice the expected progress (0.33 grades)
  • Our Year 11 maths pupils were our top performers, with an average improvement of 1.1 grades which should set them up for GCSE success
  • Our most-improved pupil, based at Southside Young Leaders' Academy, progressed by over 3 grades
  • 56% of our pupils made double the expected progess...or more
  • 80% of pupils felt the programme helped them do better in their tuition subject

We are so proud of the work of our volunteers and how much they have helped their pupils with the support of our delivery partners, Programme Managers, the Tutor Recruitment team and the generous donations made by our funders. 

Would you like to join us in making a difference? We are filling a few final volunteer places for the Summer term. We are also starting to recruit volunteer tutors for September onwards. Please apply now if you would like to join us in making a huge difference to the lives of low-income pupils. 

Would you like to run a Team Up tuition programme in your school? Our Autumn schedule is already filling up, so please contact us as soon as possible on to register your interest.