Strong Impact in Spring Term

Strong Impact in Spring Term
Posted by David Walker on 16 April 2020

Despite the challenges of Coronavirus, Team Up were able to run impactful programmes with the 540 pupils we worked with in Spring Term.

Due to Covid-19, we were only able to formally progress assess a minority of pupils in school and a number completed the progress assessments at home, having been sent the link by the School Coordinator. We are delighted that those progress assessed made 0.9 levels of progress, nearly three times the expected level and nearly one year of progress, in one term.

Effort for those pupils who completed a progress assessment was particularly positive (5.5 out of 6, compared to an overall average for the cohort of 5.0). Attendance was also high, at 89% compared to an overall average for the cohort of 79% - despite more absences towards the end of term due to Covid-19. This supports our assumption that high effort and attendance lead to positive progress results.

For pupils unable to take the progress assessment we used data on attendance, effort and topic test scores collected via weekly reports written by tutors. On average pupils made 1.3 levels of progress in these topic test scores, very similar to the previous three terms. Our pupils were therefore well on track to make 0.8 grades of progress in formal progress assessments, as has been made in previous terms. Overall, attendance lay almost exactly at our target of 80%.

We are pleased with the progress pupils have demonstrated and look forward to working with schools and partners to support these and many other pupils feeling a disproportionate impact from the current crisis.