Sixth Form enrichment programme launch

Sixth Form enrichment programme launch

As a result of the overwhelming success of our sixth form programmes, we are pleased to announce the launch of an upgraded enrichment programme.


Posted by David Walker on 6 June 2019

Two years ago, Team Up began partnering high-performing and conscientious sixth form students with pupils in our schools, in order to widen our impact and extend the benefits of volunteering on our programme beyond university students. The results have been incredible. Over 300 school pupils have since been partnered with a sixth form tutor, with these pupils making 1.5 GCSE grades of progress on average over a term. To put this figure in context, pupils in the UK are expected to make one grade of progress per year. This means that with the help of our sixth form students pupils have made over four times the nationally expected level of progress!

We believe that this incredible success is owed to the students' closer proximity in age to the school pupils we work with, making them more relatable and giving them a clearer understanding of the syllabus pupils are studying.

“For my [school] students, I think they benefited from having a younger tutor, who was more familiar with the structure and content of the course. I think it also broke down a lot of barriers between us, and I noticed that this meant the students were more willing to ask for help, or speak out when they didn’t understand something.”

Adam Said – previous sixth form tutor

Our enrichment programme is designed to further the development of the sixth form tutors as much as the pupils though, and we have now expanded the benefits and development opportunities available for students to provide a complete package of benefits to set them up as well as possible for their next step in life.

As a result, we are now forming partnerships with sixth forms, whether they are stand-alone or partnered with a school, so that we can offer a tailored experience to groups of students. The new enrichment programme includes:

  • interview feedback

  • a UCAS and career workshop

  • a personal mentor from a university course or career of the student's choice

  • a personal reference

  • online productivity and independent study workshop

With over two thirds of university admission departments agreeing that regular volunteering adds value to a personal statement, our enrichment programme is the ideal way for sixth form students to gain the additional experience and skills needed to stand out.

If you are interested in your sixth form students taking part in our enrichment programme, or your school pupils benefitting from a sixth form tutor, please email us at