'Paying it forward' through tutoring

'Paying it forward' through tutoring
Posted by David Walker on 4 December 2020

Rosanne is a University Student and current volunteer tutor of Key Stage 3 Pupils at Oak Wood School in Hillingdon. We asked her to share her tutor experience:

I had a Maths teacher in high school called Mr Hodson, who was so passionate about maths (as a subject and it’s uses) that I’ve never forgotten him.  In fact, he instilled in me a passion for teaching which I only realised when I started tutoring with Team Up. 

The dedication and enthusiasm Mr Hodson showed towards his students' education and wellbeing was truly remarkable, and because of him I was able to complete my GCSE 1 year early.  

Tutoring with Team Up allows me the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’.

Coming from a working class background I feel it’s important to do so. I’m passionate about social mobility and tutoring is my little way of helping the cause.

I love what tutoring offers.  As cheesy as it sounds, I learn so much from the pupils and my reward is their success. It’s such a great feeling when they have those ‘lightbulb’ moments.  There’s really no feeling like it.

I’ve tutored both in person and online, and both have run very smoothly. Team Up are organised and quick to respond to any questions or problems I might have. The team are a dream to work with. Team Up really doesn't leave any stone unturned.  I’ve been provided with more than enough materials, ideas and suggestions to be able to tutor each topic, and at different levels of ability.  

The really great bit though, is that they allow me the autonomy to adapt my lessons and teaching methods to suit my students. That is really important for me, and I’m grateful for the trust that the Team have in their Tutors.

I’ve tutored a range of characters, so it’s safe to say each session has been different!  I feel blessed to say my pupils have always been polite, attentive and motivated to learn, but most importantly they have been themselves.  It’s a great feeling knowing they are comfortable enough to laugh and learn. It makes the sessions really fun! 

What can I say?  Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of the team! Here’s to many more terms! 

We say "Thank you Rosanne!"