Kate Chachanidze - My experience with Team Up

Kate Chachanidze - My experience with Team Up

Last year, Kate tutored four pupils on our Harris Rainham programme, and was kind enough to share her story with us. 

Posted by David Walker on 8 August 2019

"I first came into contact with Team Up when they came to my sixth form to present in an assembly. In just ten minutes, they had covered the charity’s scheme of work and how we could contribute to them. We were so inspired that this was when my friends and I decided to look into the charity and apply to the maths tutor role which they advertised in Harris Academy Rainham, a school only fifteen minutes away. 

    Through this initial ten week programme, I worked with four year 11 girls. Although shy at first, after the third week I feel like we’d established a mutual understanding and were able to communicate efficiently; the girls would tell me what they needed help with and I’d make sure to go over it thoroughly. However, as rewarding as this was, one of the things I most enjoyed was watching them help each other and share methods of remembering necessary formulas.  Without this programme in place, I’m sure these girls wouldn’t have sat down and shared their knowledge like this and I’m grateful to have been a part of it.

    After enjoying this programme so much, I returned in the summer term for a four week revision programme. I worked with three different pupils this time and although the time frame was a lot shorter, we were able to cover lots of exam questions and recap content just before their actual GCSE exams.  A highlight was one of the students saying how much she had enjoyed the programme and she appreciated all we’d done, from lessons to snacks.

    As an aspiring medic, Team Up has also catered opportunities towards me. Through their Mentor Programme I’ve been able to work with an orthopaedic surgeon one-one-one, gaining insight into healthcare through phone calls and arranging to meet which I would’ve found incredibly difficult to organise by myself. Thank you to all at the company for the support and allowing me to use my skills in a impactful, rewarding way."