Free Leadership Seminar

Free Leadership Seminar

Team Up will be hosting two leadership seminars through our KCL Team Up Society for all students on our leadership programme AND for approximately 60 guests.  Guests can book a space by following the link here*.  

What's on Offer

Getting Things Done

6.30 - 8.30pm, Wednesday 27th January: K6.29 (Anatomy Lecture Theatre), Kings Building, KCL Strand Campus, WC2R 2LS

Since it was first published in 2001, David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' has become one of the most influential business titles of its era, and the book on personal organisation.  'GTD' has become shorthand for an entire way of approaching the professional and personal tasks everyone faces in life, and has spawned an entire culture of websites, organisational tools, seminars and offshoots. We'll be covering the basic principles of the GTD methodology and helping you implement the principles that are key to a productive life.

Building Relationships with Stakeholders

Whatever career destination you have, working effectively with both internal and external stakeholders is crucial to achieving positive outcomes.  In this seminar we will be covering some principles that will help you get others on side and ensure their satisfaction with the outcomes that you produce.  These principles include:

- How to ensure successful project delivery

- How to communicate problems effectively

- How to deal with complaints 

6.30 - 8.30pm, Thursday 25th February: S-2.08 Strand Building, KCL Strand Campus, WC2R 2LS

* Please note that this event is for all participants and guests across London.  You do not have to be affiliated with KCL to attend.

Posted by Megan Worthing-Davies on 17 December 2015