How our programme works

How our programme works

Our programme is based on three core principles:

1. Inspiring role models make inspiring tutors

Our tutors fall into one of three groups:

1. University students: the majority of our tutors come from Russell Group universities in London.

2. Sixth form students: we provide a route for schools' sixth form students to volunteer as tutors.

3. Professionals: professionals, retirees and parents make up an important part of our tutor base.

Our tutors deliver high quality and inspiring tuition as part of their participation in our Leadership Development Programme, which is accredited by the SSAT. To participate, they must first pass a rigorous selection process, assessing their subject knowledge, leadership competencies and attributes. Once they are on the programme, our tutors continue to develop their practice to ensure they can achieve real impact for your pupils. They do this by participating in:

  • A comprehensive programme induction and safeguarding training.
  • Teaching and leadership training modules.
  • Lesson observations, 1:1 mentoring and feedback sessions.

Our tutors also gain access to a mentor from an industry of their choice. 

2. The curriculum matters

With limited time and investment available for additional interventions, we recognise the importance of making our programme complement the work that is already happening in school. Our programme begins with an assessment to work out the needs of your pupils and then delivers a tailored curriculum designed to fit the developmental profile of each individual.  

Our curriculum has been developed by Team Up in conjunction with experts in the field, including Trinity Academy. 

As an outstanding school and National Maths Hub committed to excellence in teaching and learning, we have been excited to be chosen as one of the ten innovation funded Dfe schools. We are committed to the idea that every child can achieve, and are delighted to be partnering with Team Up to help make this a reality. We believe that the Team Up programme is a great way to support pupils, and hope that through sharing our pedagogy we can support Team Up to make an even bigger difference going forward."

Tony Staneff, Vice Principal, Trinity Academy.

3. Partnership is the key to success

We recognise schools and teachers already have an enormous burden of work. To help you get the best out of the our work together, you’ll get your own Programme Manager who will work with you to set up and manage Team Up in your school.   

All of our Programme Managers have teaching experience. They’ll be onsite during weekly sessions and there to offer coaching, guidance and support to our tutors. They’ll be working hard to make sure your pupils are on course, and communicating with you to implement strategies where more needs to be done.

Programme timeline

The image below sets out what you can expect as part of the Team Up programme.



Our tutors provide their services for free because it forms part of their commitment to our Leadership Programme.  In return for their time and effort, we provide them with training, support, the chance to develop their skills and the opportunity to make a difference.

Providing this support to tutors alongside all other costs of the programme means we rely on income from schools alongside grant funding and sponsorship from employers.  We ask schools to contribute £200 per pupil to help cover costs. For this we will:

  • Recruit, train and DBS-check tutors as well as cover all of their expenses.
  • Hold a kick off event to engage pupils and their parents in the programme.
  • Match small groups of pupils with subject-specific tutors.
  • Administer and mark a baseline and end of intervention assessment to assess the needs of your pupils and measure progress.
  • Use the baseline assessment to develop a tailored curriculum specific to each pupil and aimed at helping them to develop fluency in the core knowledge and skills they need to progress.
  • Provide a Programme Manager who will work closely with you, your pupils and your tutors to ensure the intervention works in your school, and to manage the weekly sessions.
  • Monitor and report on pupils’ progress, including academic progress and attendance.
  • Run a celebration event to acknowledge everyone involved in the programme at its conclusion, and give feedback to pupils on their development and next steps.
  • Deliver enrichment events with our corporate and university partners wherever possible.

This works out to be around £10 per hour, which is far cheaper than the cost of most private tution (found to average £29 per hour in 2015 by the Sutton Trust).


Evidence from the Sutton Trust suggests that tuition – based on strong feedback loops about pupil performance relative to clear targets – can accelerate the progress of pupils by 6-9 months.

At Team Up, our goal is to support your pupils to progress by a minimum of one level or grade over the year. In addition to this, evidence suggests that pupils who work with us benefit in many additional ways:

  • Pupils realise their aspirations and understanding of what it takes to get to university by working with tutors currently studying. 69% of pupils on our programme stated a desire to attend university at the start, but this rose to 81% by the end.
  • Pupils grow in confidence and self esteem. Over 81% of pupils on our programme said they felt more confident in their subject as a result.
  • Pupils enjoy the additional learning opportunities – of the pupils who completed our feedback questionnaire 90% would like to continue with the program.
  • Parents back the programme: "Simon has recently been moved up a set in maths - he understands the subject so much better. Thank you." - Parent.

Team Up has been developed at St Michael’s since October 2012 and has had a significant impact on both student attainment and motivation. The students found the tutors open, approachable, informative and exactly what was needed to give them extra support in their studies. Its success is recognised by the fact that the College intends to run the programme for a second year and moreover extend the provision. It has been one of the most outstanding new initiatives implemented this year. Data underlines its effectiveness and we look forward to the final summer results.

Grainne Grabowski, Headteacher at St Michael's Catholic College, Southwark

Parent Engagement 

Parents will be sent a letter of consent, with full details of the programme at the start of term. They will be able to contact the Programme Manager directly to find out how their child is progressing on the programme. 

They may also be able to attend a Celebration Event at the end of the year to hear about the progress of their children.


Training your sixth formers

Alongside external tutors, Team Up can also recruit and train your sixth formers to volunteer as tutors on the programme. We will come to the school and promote the tutor programme to sixth formers, and then screen candidates alongside our other tutor applicants.  The advantages of having your sixth formers take part are:

  • Training and development for your sixth form students that will build their confidence, skills and maturity.
  • Improved school community through stronger relationships between sixth formers and pupils lower down the school.
  • Where possible, the opportunity for sixth form students to work alongside university students and thereby to find out more about life at university and the application process.
  • Access for your sixth formers to our mentoring programme.

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If you represent a school and you are interested in future partnership, please contact us on, and we will be back in touch within a week.