Pupil case studies

Pupil case studies

Find out more about the pupils Team Up works with

We work with pupils in primary and secondary schools to help them to fulfill their potential.  We ask schools to work with us to select pupils who are:

  • eligible for pupil premium funding
  • working at a grade below their age-related expectations, unless they are doing more than one programme 

Prior to the start of the programme, pupils recieve an assembly about the opportunity from one of our Programme Managers. We then work with you to baseline assess and group pupils in preparation for the commencement of sessions.

I really enjoyed the Team Up project because they knew exactly what to teach. This helped me keep focused on my work, and that was visible in my grades, because I was able to achieve the B that I was looking for.

Derrick, Year 10 pupil

I want to study either law or economics at university, and Team Up has made me realise that it is possible to do so.

Shirley, Year 10 pupil

My attitude has changed because I wasn't really confident but now I am. [Team Up] gave me the confidence to pass maths at the end of Year 6

Zara, Year 6 pupil