Employer Mentoring

Employer Mentoring

Gain mentorship and guidance from top UK business professionals!

We know there is fierce competition amongst students for internships and graduate careers with the UK’s top companies. That’s why we are offering you the opportunity to be paired with an employee of a top graduate employer who has been there and done it and can offer you first-hand advice as you take your next steps.

As a Team Up tutor you will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from somebody who works in business, who has been there and done it, and can help you as you make the next move in your career - whether that’s going from sixth form to university, getting work experience at university, looking for graduate jobs or even a career change - our mentors can help you!


Who are the mentors?

We will be drawing our mentors from the world of business. We are mainly focussing on those who have graduated in the last few years and are making waves in their chosen career sector - they remember what it’s like to be in the same position as you and can provide first hand advice.

We will do our best to match you with a mentor who works in the area you are thinking of going into - meaning the advice they give you is as relevant as possible, and tailored to your needs and interests.


How will the mentor programme work?

We are planning to launch the programme in January 2017, when you will be paired with your mentor. After this point, we will leave it to you to arrange your meetings. You are expected to meet your mentor four times over six months. We will provide you with a structure for your first couple of meetings to make sure that you have plenty to talk about!


Why get involved?

Mentoring is for you if...

  1. You are unsure what your next step should be
  2. You know the industry that you want to get into, but you would like some guidance from somebody who has been there and done it to help you find your way
  3. You want to find out what a graduate scheme is really like
  4. You want some advice with applications
  5. You want some advice on what work experience you need and how to get it
  6. You want some general career advice


How to get involved

Fill in this short form to give us more information about your ambitions and career aspirations. We’ll then do the rest to match you with your mentor!

Or email us for more details… If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch at mentoring@teamup.org.uk